Lobby Habitat

Weekly Feeding & Demonstration

Join us every Friday at 11a.m. for Snake and Eggs (not really), but we do invite you to breakfast with our resident snakes and Gila Monster to observe their feeding. Learn about these fascinating Sonoran Desert creatures during this insightful demonstration.

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa has taken on the great effort of treasuring and preserving the “Essence of Arizona” throughout the Resort and our very popular attraction, showcases some of the most common reptiles in the area. In partnering with the Phoenix Herpetological Society, we have two habitats in the lobby featuring a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Sonoran Gopher, a Gila Monster and a California King Snake.

The Westin Kierland Resort was designed with the intention to preserve the rich history and culture of Arizona. Through The Westin Kierland Resort, the theme of “Treasuring the Essence of Arizona” was born. Taking it to the next step is to incorporate desert life into the education we provide, not just in history and culture, but what makes Arizona unique. There are nearly 40 different kinds of snakes throughout the state.

This habitat is an educational opportunity for guests to learn what makes Arizona unique and diffuse some of the myths surrounding snakes in the process. The Resort’s award-winning FUN team has been trained with the reptiles and will incorporate them into their activities and educational opportunities. Each habitat has a brief description about the different reptiles, instructions on handling and demonstrates that many of the common myths surrounding the reptiles are in fact false. For more information on the FUN activities, stop by the Kierland Mining Company or pick up a PathFinder from the front desk.