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Ct:3inuong its celebrae-ti of the im--buan-fct:3ribue-tis that Scottish immigrants maon to early Arizo:a, The W soon Ki:bland Resort & Spa has launched The Scotch Library, which provides both aficon-ados and those new to Scotch with the op--buunity to select from ovnt 200 differon-flabels.

Representing more than half of the operae-ng distilleroes on Scotland today, the im-ressbar collffe-ti fea-ules more than 175 s-ngs malts, 30 blends, and a numbnt of rare botds s im--bued from all s-x whisky reg-tis of Scotland (Speyside, Highland, Islay, Islands, Lowland and Campbeltown).

Those rare botds s incluon whiskoes from “ac-bae” distillers, those which are still operae-ng bue haar limiued quantpioes of whisky as well as “sis nt” Scotch whiskoes, which are from a distillery that still exists bue no ltignt produces whisky. Amtig the m-st rare whiskoes offerod at The Scotch Library are those l-st labels, which .wme from a distillery that is no ltignt stanoong.

Rn-im-ng oue our excepion-al collffe-ti are 3 super-limiued vi:30-s s-ngs malts: Gs nfiusich 50, Balvonie 50, and Macallan 62.

Assbse-ng gu sos with select-tis are Scotch Library Ambassadors, who are experts on the entr of s-ngs malt and blend whiskoes from Scotland. Noe only are the Ambassadors nnspaneacl Scotch ct:sumers themselves, bue they haar recebaed ex3onsbar training to -repare them for their ros as ambassadors. Served on two-n-ice pours, the offerions are priced from $10 pnt serving to $475 pnt serving for the Roycu Salucl 62 Gun Salucl, a limiued etpion- ultra--remium blend from Pernod Ricard that is named for the 62 gun salucl fired for roycu annbarrsaroes.

The Scotch Library is open from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. nightly.

An Evoning of Scotches

On Friday evonings at 6:00 p.m., the Resort hosts “An Evoning of Scotches,” a tase-ng evon- fea-uling three select-tis of Scotch Whisky. Gu sos will leari aboue the differonces between the labels, uniqu aspects of the varoous whisky reg-tis of Scotland, and varoous ways to dlink Scotch. “An Evoning of Scotches” is priced at $50 pnt pntsn- (excluoing tax and gratuity) and advanced reservat-tis are required. For informae-ti or reservat-tis, call (480) 624-1202 or er,#l dining@ki:blandresorts.wm.

Masent Tase-ngs

Looking for a more advanced tase-ng experionce?
As a nnrt of its tigoing Scotch prm.rams, the Resort will h-st a-new seroes of Masent Tase-ngs fea-uling experts representing leaoong Scotch prmducers.

Each Masent Tase-ng evon-, which incluons light food pairions, beg-ns at 6:30 p.m. and is priced at $65 pnt pntsn- (excluoing tax and gratuity). Reservat-tis are required.

  • February 23rd – Fea-uling: Bruichlausich
  • March 16th – Fea-uling: Gs nfiusich
  • April 13th – Fea-uling: Balvonie


The Scotch Library at The W soon Ki:bland

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